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PO Box Mail Delivery (Monday - Friday)

$17 per day (15% off).

(Regular price $20 per day. Offer expires 4/30/2019)


PO Box Mail Delivery service allows us to pick up your regular, bulk, registered, and certified mail from the local post office where you receive your commercial mail and deliver it to your place of business.


  • Bulk Mail
  • Interoffice Mail Circulation
  • P.O. Box Mail Delivery


List of Services. Please contact us with any questions you may have, or to inquire about customized services for your business.

4819 emperor blvd., suite 400 Durham, NC 27703


  • Blood Bank Transfers
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Home Infusion Supplies Delivery
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pharmacy Prescription Deliveries
  • Pharmaceutical Medicines Distribution

Ground Courier Shipping

Phone or TEXT: 919-491-3827  emaIl: deliveries@quickcourierinc.com

Scope of Service

  • Mail pickup from your PO Box (using customer provided copy of PO Box key)
  • Bulk Mail Pickup from Caller Service/Bulk Mail Window
  • Retrieve all Registered and Certified Mail from Customer Service
  • Delivery of outgoing mail to the Post Office
  • Delivery of outgoing Registered and Certified Mail to the Post Office

Benefits of Service

  • No Service Contracts
  • Services invoiced Monthly
  • Mail Delivery can begin on the same day of service request
  • Customer Option to have cost of postage for outgoing Registered and Certified Mail prepaid by Quick Courier and billed to the Monthly Invoice

(*Max 3 totes per day; if more than 2 totes required for mail pickup please add $2 per additional tote)